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This is what I do in my downtime. I talk about what brands are doing to join up with the people they are trying to influence. Twitter campaigns, Facebook fan pages, viral videos, blogs, and e-mail messaging are usually the tools of the marketing trade, but that’s like saying a racquet and ball are the tools of the tennis trade. Every player faces the ball, and their opponent, with a different strategy, different training, and different skills.

Brand-honesty and originality matter to me. Integrating messages in a multiple-channel marketing campaign makes me feel tingly. I like to look at the pros to see what they do best. And I like busting the balloons of all the marketers out there who think they can con consumers they way they con management.

I’ve read the Cluetrain Manifesto, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Free, Tribes, Blink, All Marketers Are Liars, and lots of other popular marketing books sold in train stations and airport bookstores. If you haven’t, they are worthwhile and an interesting way to spend a layover. I listen to marketing thought-leaders on my iPod while I commute to work. On the way home, I listen to songs by Will.i.am, Lady Gaga, and 90s hits I know all the words to.

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