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Love this: Unofficial Doritos Video

Love this: Unofficial Commercial for Doritos:

I found a cool unofficial video for Doritos, Designer Doritos Commercial. I love this video because it has an edge of the absurd. Check it out:




The video opens with two friends primping themselves in the ladies room at a night club, only to be elbowed out of the way by a tall, beautiful, and mysterious stranger who is wearing triangular earrings made of Doritos, and a necklace and bracelet to match. She preens herself in the mirror, rubbing some of the cheesy Doritos seasonings and spices onto her neck as if they were a fine perfume.

Who is this lady?

As the video story unfolds, we learn that the mysterious stranger is a magnet for male attention. The two friends watch in awe as they are left sitting alone while several men lavish their affections on her.

Beautiful woman charming men with her DoritosFinally, the resolution: the stranger shares her secret with the two friends, tossing them each a bag of Doritos.


The video begins immediately, without a delay for credits or intro graphics, and shows the premise within the first 5-10 seconds. It plays for just 31 seconds, well under Tony Levelle’s two minutes or less recommendation for successful YouTube videos.

Editing and Shots

Designer Doritos Commercial is professionally edited and well-lit. I noticed that the producer went to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

The video has no dialogue, but uses three of the four major camera angles to communicate the thoughts and mood of the three major characters.

Two ladies watch from the couch There are so many small touches that make this video great, from the inclusion of the several Doritos varieties that match the women’s dress colors to the colors of the Doritos bags, to the little red triangular pillows on the sofa.


With just 77 views, it’s clear that this video has not been promoted to become viral, nor has it been “discovered” in any other way. My guess is that this video was created as a resume-builder for the video producer/star, an aspiring actress named Lori Martini, and was never intended to be shared other than with agents and potential employers. But with some additional promotion on blogs, Digg, and some social media pass-alongs, I think this video could grow some legs and become much more popular on YouTube. The concept could definitely be ripped off – I can imagine beautiful women wearing all sorts of products as earrings and necklaces.


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