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Looking Ahead from the Last 11 Posts

scratching the surfaceWe’ve spent the last several weeks discussing the value of online advertising, how to use and understand Google Web Analytics, how to track social media marketing efforts, how to improve search engine indexing with keyword optimization, and tactics to improve tracking and conversions of traditional and social media web advertising programs. And we’ve just begun to scratch the surface!

I think, though, that we’ve looked at some fundamental issues pertaining to campaign attribution and advertising ROI. I’m kinda proud of that, because it took a lot of digging on my part to bring you the goods each week.

Writing blogs for you is a luxury. I love the giving myself the gift of time to open up my web browser and research a topic that I’m curious about. I think that’s the hallmark of lifelong learning – following your interests and educating yourself rather than simply putting them on hold until someone else decides you need to know about a certain topic. Hopefully it’s been fun for you to read about.

Unless you’re ready to dig in and research topics in digital marketing, it can be overwhelming. I remember feeling that way when I began this blog at the end of last summer. “I’m not a social media pro!” “I’ll never catch on or catch up” “the digital marketing world is passing me by!” Can anyone relate to feeling that way? If you can empathize, and you’re not happy with that state of affairs, I can recommend that you do two things:

group of people with hands in center1) Find a group of people to learn with. I have found that learning from peers is every bit as rewarding as learning from an instructor, or attempting to teach myself. In my opinion, the DMC program is one of the best avenues to for collaborative learning.

There are also wonderful associations to join that put on free conferences and seminars that feature panel discussions about digital marketing. I personally belong to the local chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, the local chapter of the Direct Marketers Association, and also a regional group aimed at using Search Engine Marketing tactics. I’ve joined each group for a minimal fee (usually much less than joining a national organization), and I’ve attended monthly events that have opened me up to learn a huge amount.

book with pages open

2) Jump in and begin reading a good book about digital marketing.

I think Avinah Kaushik’s “Web Analytics an Hour a Day” is an excellent basic introduction to measurable marketing as well as to the nuts and bolts of using tools such as Google Analytics. It’s accessible to the absolute beginner, and written in a totally unintimidating way. Avinash’s blog Occam’s Razor is another great resource.


Springing Forward

blossoming treeToday I woke up on Daylight Savings Time, a sure sign that the season has changed. When I looked ahead to the topics I’ll be studying this spring, I get a little flutter of anticipation. I’ll be moving on to learning the basics of online video and digital production for interactive media. How cool is that? That’s the way I am I guess – I feel wistful when I’m thinking about the end of something, but I bounce back into excitement mode as soon as the next new thing is around the corner. I’m looking forward to giving my Flip videocamera a workout – and to showing you what I’m making.


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