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Becoming a Google AdWords Certified Individual

Folks, we’ve spent several weeks (and much more time, if you use online advertising at work), studying tactics to improve tracking and conversions of traditional and social media web advertising programs. Without meaning to, we’ve focused on many Google products and practices. The next logical question is: have you considered getting certified?

AdWords Qualified Individual logo

Google offers a Certification program for individuals who want to demonstrate their proficiency with AdWords, and would like to be able to cite their proficiency on their resume in the form of the AdWords Certified logo. I’ve also seen many Internet Marketing consultants place this badge on their website or blog, as a way of establishing their expertise to potential clients. Whether or not you want to be one, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to have the credentials of an AdWords consultant? Ooh. Yes, it would.

How the Google Certification Exam Works: You must pass two exams, the Advertising Fundamentals Exam and one of three Advanced Advertising Exams in either the “Search,” “Display,” or “Reporting” area. Google estimates that the combined exam will take about two hours to complete. The cost for taking the combined exam is $50 per attempt. You can take the exam an unlimited number of times until you pass. The limitation is that you must wait seven days between testing sessions.  

How to Take the Exam: Login at http://www.adwords.google.com/professionals/account and create a Candidate Account. You can either begin studying for the exam, or take the exam right away.

Some Tips for Passing Your Google Certification Exam:

Helpful Tips sticky noteStudy all 15 sections at Google’s free Exam Learning Center. Pay close attention to the sections that will appear on the advanced exam you select.

Skip & Return to Questions You Don’t Know: Like all multiple choice exams, the Google Certification exam allows you to go back to questions you haven’t answered. Since the test has a time limit, it’s a good strategy to answer the questions you know, and then return to answers that you don’t know as time allows.

Print Out Your Notes: It’s OK to refer to notes during the exams. If you want to look back at any notes you’ve taken, you’ll need to refer to print-outs. This is because the secure exam environment prevents visiting websites during the exam.

Keep it all in Perspective. As you study, you’ll learn more about using, budgeting, and analyzing AdWords. That’s knowledge that you’ll own, knowledge that makes your brain more valuable. And, once you begin studying at the Learning Center, you’ll see how obvious it is that the reason Google is offering these tutorials is to train and develop more AdWords professionals. So, whether or not you pass the exam, you’ll be coming away from your studying experience with information and understanding that is just as important as your Certification, if not more important.

Graduation caps in the airBe Proud. Just making the commitment to study for the exam is something that few people undertake. If you stick to your commitment to study, I know you’re going to pass. After you pass the exam, you’ll receive a “public profile page” on Google Partner Search in which you can describe yourself and promote your Certification status. This page is a permanent, static link on Google, so it will act as a landing page to which you can link your Google Certification badge. (won’t that page make for impressive added color on your resume?)


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